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KISsoccer was established in 2016 by Grant Needham, a former Canadian professional soccer player. The concept of KISsoccer - keep it simple soccer - was sparked by the realization that in many areas, fundamental training and development gaps exist between soccer leagues, soccer clubs and soccer players of all ages. While team formation, player positioning, game play, and offensive and defensive tactics are the critical elements managed and taught by coaches and club technical resources, in many instances, players are missing key, individual skills. With the demands of busy practice and game schedules, coaches often do not have the time to focus on the training needs of each player.


The KISsoccer methodology was formulated with the individual soccer player in mind, with programs available for players from U8 to U21, as well adult and professional soccer athletes. By examining a player’s current skills, looking for areas of improvement, tapping into natural abilities, and harnessing their commitment to learn and to grow, KISsoccer places a strong emphasis on player confidence, essential skills development and player advancement. Training sets are designed to keep players moving while correcting their techniques, with attributes such as athletic focus, player balance, agility, speed, dribbling, foot-work, reaction timing, ball control, passing accuracy and shooting strengths.